Homeowners insurance policies have many restrictions and conditions. And when it comes to the use of the home to run a business (short-term property rental), that’s generally NOT covered by homeowners policies.

In most cases, a commercial insurance policy is required to operate a business from home, but those can be prohibitively expensive. The bottom line is, Property Protect is filling a large gap in the current market.

No, not fully. Not in the way you need protection. Even if the platform provides a Host Guarantee or Commercial General Liability Insurance, there’s always key problems like:

  • You are not the “Named Insured”, which means you have no policy rights
  • The complete terms, conditions and limits of coverage are unknown
  • Claims are submitted via the platform instead of directly to an insurer
  • It is not primary insurance and in some cases, it’s not actually insurance

And these are the last things you need in any insurance cover.

Property Protect is an insurtech company committed to delivering insurance efficiently. The company was designed by Hosts, for Hosts — insurance in just a few easy clicks.

Property Protect provides coverage only the days you have bookings. Property Protect automates your coverage so you can “set it and forget it.” You only pay for the dates you have guest bookings. If you file a claim, the deductible is only $500.

  • Property insurance is covered to the full replacement of furniture, appliances and all home contents
  • You have coverage of up to $5,000 Deductible is $500
  • See our policy details to view the full list of coverages

Note: The Property Protect policy is “primary and noncontributory”, meaning Property Protect will pay the entire claim, without first requiring another insurer to make payment.

The Property Protect policy is “primary and noncontributory”. That means it operates independently of annual homeowners insurance policies and will be the first policy to respond to your loss. There is no requirement to report losses to your homeowners insurance company.

For just $5 a night, you’ll agree that Property Protect insurance is extremely reasonable for proper coverage and peace of mind. Charges occur on the day guests check in.

Property Protect is available in all 50 states and U.S. outlying territories.

Absolutely! Your Host dashboard will allow you to pull up coverage for each booking. All policies are accessible by PDF.

Very easily! You are able to enter your claim right in your Host dashboard. Provide a few details of what happened and your claim is immediately sent for review.

There are many platforms used by Hosts for Homesharing. Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO, Booking.com and FlipKey are a few examples. Property Protect is agnostic to which one you use. All we need is your booking calendar ... and you’ll be set up and covered in no time.

For Hosts that don’t use a platform, if you rent your property through your own direct website or sites like Craigslist -- sharing a Google, Outlook or iCal URL will work to gain coverage. Please see instructions here on how to share your calendar.

We issue non-admitted policies in the Excess and Surplus Lines market. Property Protect is backed and underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

Property Protect is designed as “set it and forget it” insurance coverage that keeps your bookings running smoothly. We know you are busy coordinating guest arrivals, departures, housekeepers, handymen and everything else involved with homesharing. Why worry about which stay is covered or not covered?

If you need to discuss an abnormal stay with your listing or have any other questions please email: [email protected].

Yes, we will have a few more insurance products designed around the sharing economy. Stay tuned!

Please visit https://mypropertyprotect.com/contact-us or call 510-255-2799.