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Property Protect designs and sells insurance for short and long term rental properties.


Property protect insurance Products to protect your things.

Secure Stay damage waiver

Property Protect as the most reliable damage protection company presents Secure Stay product, automated, flat-fee damage deposit, damage protection & theft insurance with a click of a button. Insuring your short term rental is more important than ever as you cater to vacation rental guests.

Two policy options available:

$1,500 in coverage

$3,000 in coverage

We offer $0 deductible options!

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Renters Insurance

We are the best rental insurance company provides super simple automated liability and personal property annual insurance for your home and rental. Starting from $13 per month.

Pre-set coverages:

$100k liability

$10k personal contents

$5k landlord loss of income

and more...

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Host Insurance

Host insurance product provides property damage protection insurance to cover damages left by tenants to the property. According to the policies and terms it provides hosts with primary liability insurance while hosting guests.

Damage protection for The hosts

$5 per night premium

$5,000 in damage or theft coverage

$500 deductible applies

Sync your booking calendar

Never pay for nights you don't have bookings

Works great for direct bookings!

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Automation using API

( Application Programming Interface )

Our products are open via API for wider reach, connectivity and automation of policy purchase process.
You can integrate our products in your existing website or mobile application for smooth and automated issuance of the policy.

Automated & effective

Integration through API is considered as one of the effective options for the automation of the manual process. We believe in automation.

Easy integration

Integrating with our API is easier than ever. Contact our services team and the process will start immediately.

Secure & reliable

We minimize the manual integration of the customers to avoid an unnecessary headache and any kind of intentional or unintentional mistakes.

Wider reach

APIs are always helpful in connectivity. We believe in shaking hands and growing community.

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We started using Property Protect because enrollment was fast, easy and affordable. We had to file a claim and it was approved and paid in such a short amount of time. Best of all, we feel confident our properties have a great layer of protection. They've really simplified the insurance process.

Amy B.


Luxury Vacation Rentals

We are newer hosts and the thought of having a guest damage our condo is terrifying. The cost for the level of coverage you receive is the best we’ve found.

Carey C.


Los Angeles, CA

Property Protect is an insurance company that actually cares. I’ve been a customer for a while and recently had a guest stay in my home who ruined some flooring and furniture. Property Protect was quick to respond when I filed the claim. The customer service reps were friendly and efficient. This is the best damage protection I’ve ever had.

Bonnie M.


Manfield, TX

Frame and Shapes


Get adequate coverage for a few measly bucks a night.

Opening your property for home sharing comes with inevitable risks. Be protected by Property Protect for the unexpected.

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