Digital insurance for short and long term stays

Click. Rent. Relax.We've got products to protect your things.

Host Insurance

(Host purchases)

$5 per night premium
$5,000 in damage or theft coverage
$500 deductible applies
Sync booking calendar to issue custom policies for your guests dates of stay.
Never pay for nights you don't have bookings.
Works great for direct bookings!

SecureStay Damage Waiver

(Host or Guest purchases)

Purchase a Security Deposit Waiver as
an alternative to hefty upfront deposits or paying out of,
Two policy options available,
$1,500 in coverage
$3,000 in coverage,
$0 deductibles!

Renters Insurance

(Long term rentals)

Renters insurance done right, apply and get insured in 3 minutes!
Pay in full or make monthly installments.
Coverages include: $10,000 in personal contents, $100,000 in liability, $2,500 in flood and landlord loss of income.

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Why risk it? Peace of mind is priceless.

Get adequate coverage for a few measly bucks a night.

Opening your property for homesharing comes with inevitable risks. Be protected for the unexpected.